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One day, we'll have a cozy house.
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Do I really look like a Geisha?

Sunday, February 27
11:32:00 PM

Look at the wonders of instagram. It turned the image above to this below.

Anyway, for those who have no idea. I am blogging at http://ikill7humans.tumblr.com right now.


Friday, April 23
11:39:00 PM

The image of sleek gelled bun hairdo, apron, tie and red lipstick sounds very appealing doesn’t it?

Had some help from Fionne in the morning when I was late and all. Kind of weird how we can like help each other now because we used to be in the same class but we never ever talked at all.

Ask me anything about TCA!! Okay now I only know that it’s H-U-G-E.

Ate disgusting food at Engine school. Didn’t touch the rice at all. Downed one can of coke.

Back to where “all hell will break loose”. Learnt some stuff. Damn difficult to memorise all the different equipment though. Like got 100+ kinds, then they only ask you to copy down the name. Then tell you where it is found and you are supposed to know.

Tooty sent me messages telling me to text him whenever I can and to jiayou for carry bricks haha. I couldn’t reply him because there was no signal in TCA. Yes I know FML much. But I felt happy and encouraged by those messages. He says he loves me hahahahah. ♥

Carried some bricks. Bathed and downed another can of coke.

I think I kind of like SSM. It might be the high from caffeine. But then again I might just change my mind next week. My tutor’s Mr.Goh. FML.

On a lighter note, I’ll be able to see my bestfriend next friday!! I. Can’t. Wait.

Tuesday, April 20
6:23:00 PM

It'll be really long till we can all get together like this, well almost all of us.

It's been so long since I actually really blogged. I don't know what I'm going to talk about because there are so many things going on in my mind right now.

I want to talk about Thursday's registration but it's too boring. But then there's Seoul Garden. Where Boss cooked so much food for us. Where Gwen K.O. after one hour. Where Sammy steamed egg. Where Ele just had some fun cooking and asking lots of questions. Where Tooty and I played snake while resting. And the rest of us just kept eating. But then again it seems so long ago. Then about Friday's swimming at Sammy's house but it seems blurry to me. I remember we had awesome food at some Bishan marketplace then SUPER DUPER GOOD MANGO SNOW ICE at Junction 8. I love the tang yuans too. Must. Need. Tang Yuans soon.

My nanny came over on Saturday, been so long since I last saw her. I still remember the times that I used to cling on to her and cry nonstop everytime she leaves my house when I was a kid. But now I hardly know what to say to her, I could do was to sit around and listen to her talk to my mum and occasionally adding a few lines to the conversation. Guess you lose some ties as you grow up but the feelings would always be there.

Sunday was out with my most favourite Tooty. We first walked to Suntec City to get Shinlin's XXL Chicken and mee sua. Then made a trip to Marina Square where I contemplated getting a robot earring thing from Fourskin because I wanted to make them into a pair of keychains. Gave that idea up and went to have Carl's Jr instead haha. Bummed around because we didn't know where to go and went back to Whitesands library where I got my books.

Skipped school on Monday because I was really lazy. Went to Seoul Garden with Tooty because we felt like it hahah. Then off to Bugis while we smell like Seoul Garden and all. Although I didn't wear makeup at all. But Tooty will say I look fine enough so why makeup. And that even though I smell like Seoul Garden, I smell delicious to him. It's only at times like this when I feel the safest. We shopped at Bugis Street and our shopping trip was quite fruitful. Went back to Tamp1 to have the shui jian baos and we both bought some home for our families. I bought mee sua too.

School today was boring to the max but lucky I had Emma, Ele, Linghui and Kelly or I would really die of boredom. Was reading my vampire book during lecture. Had some disgusting Vietname Hot(something not Hot Plate). Don't buy it!! It looks damn good and I had always wanted to try it so I bought one today. Immediately regret when I tried it. I want Tom Yam soup.. Met up with Tooty to go home together though we came to school together already. Went to Whitesands to get my Japanese food because I was starving. Bought a bar of Cadbury Boost and went to look at hamsters.

Am really tempted to get pet hamsters. But look at the state of my room. Don't think I deserve hamsters at all. I can't even take care of myself..

Fuck, my post fucking incoherent. Fuck. SMLJ is this?

Saturday, April 10
9:21:00 PM

Hi so it's me again. Duh who else?

Breakfast at Macdonald's before we go to work at IT Fair. I love breakfast with Tooty heheh. Okay I love eating with Tooty because he won't ever hurry me to finish my food.

That's us after working at IT Fair one day. This above is my Tooty's favourite big eye face. And now he keeps making the one raised eyebrow face, I swear it's fucking funny but I haven't got a chance to capture it yet.

Mind's cafe with my dear H12 family. Finally got to see mama after like ten light years. I was late for 2 hours because I took the wrong bus and went all the way to Changi Airport from Tampines Mall. Fucking loser I know. At least I cabbed to Safra to try and make up for my mistake, besides it was pouring.. Sammy was totally ownage at Ugly Dolls because she was like banging on every card that could be made into a pair.

Hmm my birthday. Tooty tried to surprise me with the Tampines1's baos and it kind of worked except that I expected it haha. Yum I love Tampines1's baos!! And and and he bought me this huge sunflower. He told me that he chose the biggest and prettiest in the shop. I love yellow flowers! Thanks dear!!

We went to Sentosa. It was my idea. I have no fucking idea why I wanted to go there at all. I didn't get suntanned though because it was kind of like drizzling haha. Guess I got lucky because it was my birthday. We went to VivoCity and had Carl's Jr again heheh. Tooty bought me this mini cactus on a keychain there. Hope it stays healthy and die like ten years later haha.

Look at that photo, I think that's almost how Tooty looks like with the one raised eyebrow face. It's seriously fucking funny. Okay I look funny too but well that's not the point haha.

I like beautiful sunsets.

Way overdue post.

9:05:00 PM

Managed to retrieve all the photos and stuff from my old phone.. The stupid Sony Ericsson W980 that fell into the sea. Okay stop laughing Tooty!! And everyone else that read that previous line..

It still works fine except that my own battery is dead and that there is no backlight >:( Can't wait for July or something to come!!

Am going to Genting tomorrow night, sucks to be me. I hate Genting.. Plus I'm quite sick now so I hate it even more.

Sushi buffet today with Tooty heheh. Another one with the H12 girls when I come back from Genting. Think I will die of fats. Anyway Suki Sushi wasn't that bad but their unagi wasn't that tasty!! But hey the salmon is damn good so who gives a crap about unagi?

Tooty kept saying ewww to whatever I was eating and I felt that it was quite sick after sometime. Imagine munching on your favourite food with someone making gagging sounds and puking expressions right next to you. It is sick to the max.

Decided to buy a new tent cause our last tent was on the verge of collasping and we threw it away. Oh crap, no photos of our new tent. Next time okay! Tooty and I both love our new tent very much cause it allows alot of air ventilation!! Super cooling and nice. Just the type we both like. And and and it's stable so it's not a flyaway tent anymore!! Went camping at Pasir Ris Park. Saw alot of Tooty's riding friends on the way back.


Oh well this is just one of those old posts that I didn't post up. See the lack of posting? HAHAHHA JOKE THIS IS BEFORE I WENT TO GENTING WHICH IS 16 OF MARCH. Epic fail to the max.

One of the baking days at Gwen's house. I love to decorate with icing though I like fail only. But practice makes perfect!!

The above was done by Sammy Lim!!


Mine, duh with the Tooty and Tooty's face lol.


And I just crossed my post out before the photos uploaded. FML.

I'm so lazy to blog.. Shit. Maybe another post soon. I wanna dota though I suck at it.

It's 4th April today!!

Saturday, April 3
11:11:00 PM

You all might wonder what 4th April is because April's Fool is over and so is Good Friday. Well 4th April to me marks my six monthsary with Tooty :)

Here's a video to remember what happened in the past six months, well more of like a recap.

It seems like it has been a long time, but trust me we both felt like it was just yesterday when we got together. I love you dear dear :)

Okay I'm lazy to type, so bye for now. I rather talk to Tooty instead. He's waiting for me haha. I lied to him. I said I was bathing ahhahaha.

Tuesday, March 30
11:37:00 AM

Hi everyone. I know I didn't touch this space for a very long time. It's just cause whenever I use the laptop which is like a few hours a day or not at all, I would be dota-ing with my most favourite person on Earth. If I'm not doing this, I'm probably embarking on the journey of a 5000 word essay.. Besides this I'm always going out with Tooty and the girls.

Okay I'm going to have lunch with Tooty now then bowling and whatsoever with the girls haha. Oh well I think I have so much to blog about. Abrupt end for now.

Friday, March 26
12:29:00 AM

Happy Birthday to me!!! <3 <3 <3

Fruit flies grow from bacteria and mushrooms are plants =)

Ps. I love you tooty!! =D

My stupid brother

Friday, March 19
11:25:00 PM

I've been giving in to my stupid fucked up brother my whole life. Giving in because I thought he'll be happier that way. Actually it's just that I'll feel bad about arguing with my brother all the time. Ain't families supposed to be happy and loving? Anyway I think I spoilt him. So now I'm stuck in a fucked up situation. Maybe it was my fault from the start. If only I didn't spoil him.

He kept wanting to watch Just Another Pandora Box with me and I kept refusing because the showtimes were always around 2300++ when I was supposed to be online talking to my most favourite person on Earth. So today is the second day here and the tickets for the 2100 tickets were sold out. He suggested watching Alice in Wonderland but I already watched that and I knew my mum would want to watch it with us. And it was at 2315. So I rejected his offer yet again. Just as we were leaving the cinema area, on the escalator, he threw a tantrum. I wanted to go to Macdonald's to buy their porridge because I didn't have dinner and I was craving for it. Instead he passed 10 bucks to me and asked me to make my own way there and come back after that. The fact that he was already ignoring me before that just because I kept showing that I loved Tooty more didn't help. I was pissed off and I just walked away from him towards Macdonald's.

As you know, chinese people are always very superstitious. They believe that if their family wasn't happy and loving. They wouldn't win money when they bet. Besides my dad was on a winning streak. He had 6k RM stored away and he already spent around 1k plus on us and his friends. He kept treating them to lunch, dinner and all that. Well I don't mind sharing the joy. So anyway I went back to the hotel room before my dad left because I wanted to let him know that my stupid brother and I weren't on good terms for now. At least I caught him just as he was leaving the hotel room and walking down the corridor.

I told him the whole story and like me, he tried to please my brother by saying "Let's go watch Just Another Pandora Box at 0130 or Alice in Wonderland at 1115. To his dismay, my brother said that he was angry and didn't want to watch any. See, I think we all spoilt him. My dad sat around for awhile and after my brother started talking to him peacefully, he wanted to leave for gambling. He was saying "Don't angry already okay? Have a nice talk you two, don't fight". My reply was obviously yes. I for one cannot stay angry at my brother. He went on to say "Oh don't need to speak better".

He was blaming me for the fact that he can't watch his movie together with me. Oh well this part here will be for another day if you really want to know. He is freaky and I had a dream when I knocked out about three hours ago before all this happened. Maybe it was a sign. That dream was scary enough though. All this involves Tooty, my brother and me.

So maybe from now on I wouldn't talk to him ever again. This is a very tough decision to make and I know I always fail because I said it a thousand times and didn't do it.

Typing all this out makes me feel so much better. Actually I just want to go talk to Tooty online but I think he'll still be riding now so I'm not going down. I'm really hungry now because its 2100 now and I still don't have dinner. I need food. I'm upset.

I'm still as upset as ever. Maybe I'm just stupid. Shrink shrink shrink..

Chunks of words yet again.

Thursday, March 18
8:23:00 PM

I am always typing out whatever I feel like blogging on notepad nowadays when I have no internet connection. Actually I do have internet connection now but I'm too lazy to walk out to Starbucks. I know it's just a 100m walk or less than but I'm so lazy. Tooty is offline anyway.

Was supposed to be "celebrating my birthday" with VACH today at Angela's house but I couldn't go because my dad refused to let me leave the house. Could tell that he was rather pissed off. He scrreamed at me to pack my stuff and keep the clothes in. And I screamed right back at him that I would. Oh well life's like that. I'll just have to suck it up.

This reminds me that I'm going to be 18 soon. In about 1 week and 1 day more. I have always wanted to be 18. You know? That feeling that you have when you're a kid. You always wanted to be 16 because it seems like a milestone in life. Then when you are 16, you look forward to being 18. Don't really feel like being 18 now when it's really approaching. Makes me feel older than ever.

I've been looking back into the past for quite some time now ever since Tooty went offline at 0545. Oh he came online just to accompany me though he was sleepy and all. Gave me e-squishes and e-kisses haha. Told me that I will always be his baby forever. Yes he does treat me like his baby, he's forever caring about how my clothes are out of place or whether is there something on my face and all that. Then he'll adjust them for me and wipe the stuff away if any. Isn't he the best boyfriend ever?

So anyway, back to the looking back into the past thing. I realised that everyone looks back in time once in awhile at some point of their life. To look at the things they have done. Most people probably just regret but for me, I think I'm different. I don't regret. Instead I try to learn from whatever mistakes I made. For example, I am taking it in my stride about the fact that Tooty can't remember whether my birthday is on the 20-27 March or what. Or the fact that he can't remember the tiniest details that matters to me. The real fact is that he is trying real hard to make me the happiest girlfriend ever. And I want to thank him for that. For trying to be the best ever. Yes you are good enough Tooty.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't growing more practical as I grow older. When I was young let's say about 14, the rough idea that I remember about me was that I was happy just thinking about getting married to my then boyfriend one day and all that other simple stuff in life. But now I have more wants than ever. Not that I can't fulfill them but I'm too lazy to do so. I can't be bothered to work really hard for something I want. I am totally dependent on Tooty now. It's like he always tries to get me whatever I want. Don't think this sort of reliance is healthy but it's okay because I know he'll always be there.

Like for example, I would always worry about whether he truely loves me or that he will be with me forever last time. But now I can confirm that he truely loves me and will always be there for me till forever. It's the feeling of assurance I never really had. I'm quite a worrywart at times. But from the last squabble we had, I knew that we had to built our relationship on faith and trust or we might as well ... like Tooty said. He never thought I would say that I thought we were walking down the same path in a different way. Well I didn't really mean that, I guess my phrasing was wrong. I'm sorry that I hurt you Tooty. And probably caused you to hate Twitter forever. I don't tweet anymore too anyway.

Let me ask you a question. Which guy would call you every night for at least half an hour? Which guy would try and fulfill every of your want? Which guy would randomly tell you about how much he loves you? Which guy would wake up early in the morning just to see you? Which guy would try and pick you up from any place that you're at? Which guy would buy you random food because he knows you would want some? Which guy would try and surprise you with little but sweet thoughtful things? Well my boyfriend would. But he's mine!!

I am in fact totally happy with that we decided to be together again. As the chinese saying goes, "好马不吃回头草", I would beg to differ. My mum wrote that on a note and she also wrote "不要 get too close with Stefan okay?" with that. Maybe it's true that people should know wiser than to walk down the same path again when they had failed last time. But this path may just lead somewhere else after sometime.

It has almost been half a year already and everything felt like it just happened. That windy day at the beach. That day in the library with the strange old man that seemed like our matchmaker. That day where we sat outside Plaza Singapura to wear our rings. Those days at the chalet. Those days at my house. Those days at the school hostel. Those days of going out to nowhere but just that we felt like having each other's company. Those days at your house. I loved each and every single day and will continue to do so.

Wonder why this blog entry is never ending? And that it is probably fucking long. Okay it is fucking long. Actually I just feel like typing. Because I have short nails now and I like typing alot. I think most of it is probably my thoughts and how I am feeling right now. Nobody would read it anyway. But if you manage to survive till this line over here. Congratulations.

I feel like having a sushi buffet again. H12 girls!!

13 more minutes to breakfast. I can't wait. It's 0647 now anyway.

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